Best Dirty Dad Jokes

Dirty dad jokes one liners
Dirty dad jokes one liners

we’ve compiled a list of the best dirty dad jokes and one-liners that’ll have you struggling to keep a straight face in front of your kids. So use them with all your intelligence.

There are plenty of sex jokes and dirty riddles on this delightfully inappropriate list that are completely improper for children. (In other words, keep them away from children.) We’ve got everything here, from masturbation jokes to juvenile oral sex jokes. What’s more startling is this: Dirty dad jokes appear far more frequently than you would imagine.

1. All but one

The husband says to his blonde wife “I was talking to the mailman earlier, he said he’s banged with every woman on this street apart from one”

The wife says, “I bet it’s Claire!

2. Motherfucker

Who’s the only person who can be called a motherfucker?
A dad.

3. Prostitute

What do you call a cake baked by a prostitute? A HOE made cake.

4. Masturbation

Masturbation – They always Cum in Handy

5. Vampire joke

What’s the difference between a vampire and an anemic?
One sucks blood, the other’s blood sucks

6. Gonorrhea joke

“Gonorrhea would have been a great name for diarrhea medicine.”

7. Canada

You know how they named Canada?
People drew random letters from a bag. Someone drew from the bag and said,”C, eh.” He drew again and said,”N, eh.” He drew again and said,”D,eh.”

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