Dirty Pick up Lines for her: Sexual Pick up Lines to Say to a Guy

dirty pick up lines - sexual pick up lines to say to a guy her
dirty pick up lines - sexual pick up lines to say to a guy her

In the art school of dating, A dirty pick-up line for her works more often. Being inappropriate and hilarious breaks the monotony in getting you the girl or the boy for that matter.

It could be downright cheesy, but most of them sticks with a very good strike rate if used in the context. So these dirty pick up lines can’t be your only weapon, but they are powerful weapon in their own right.

Some are NSFW, but who cares? The job must be done and means don’t matter much.

If it is your significant other, it’s hilarious to spit out some filthy pick-up lines. In case you want to nail the whole naughty and suave feel, we also included some smooth pick-up lines. In case the other choices don’t work out, we also tossed in some straight-up hilarious ones.

Dirty pick up lines for her

So how do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, or fertilized?

2. How would you like your sausage in the morning? Cooked, or, uhhm I’m really not good at this.

3. My dick just died, can I bury it in your ass?

4. “Are you an angel? Because I got a boner… Ohh crap messed that up!”

5. Is heaven missing an angel? Cuz you’ve got nice cans

6. Wanna know how I’m sleeping with you tonight? Because I’m stronger than you…

7. Ay girl, you shit with dat ass?

8. I wish I was your multi-variable calculus homework… because then I’d be really hard and you’d be doing me all over your desk.

9. Hey listen here I’m gonna flip this coin and whatever it lands on is what I get.

10. My face departs in five minutes. Be on it.

11. Do you like dragons? cause im going to be dragon my balls all over your face tonight.

12. Hey cutie, wanna go halves on a baby?

13. Nice shoes, wanna fuck?

14. Ayo girl ima plow my dick so deep in your ass that the person who pulls me out will be crowned king arthur

15. Hey baby are you a chicken cemetery, cause I have a cock I wanna bury in you.

16. I’m going to cut you open and sleep inside of you

17. Hey girl, can I be your derivative so I can lie tangent to your curves?

18. Are you a farmer cuz you definitely know how to raise a cock

19. Charmander is red, metapod is green, I want to lickitung your cloyster if you know what I mean!

20. “Hey, are you German?” , “No.”
“You don’t have a German bone in your body?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Do you want one?”

22. Nice legs, what time they open?

Dirty pick up lines to say to a guy

1. I’m not a weatherman, but I know that you’re getting at least 8 inches tonight…

2. Want to go back to my place and watch porn on my flat screen mirror?

3. I put the STD in stud, all I need is U

That dress is very becoming on you, but if I were on you I’d be coming to.

Walk up to handsome stranger. Take their chin between your fingers and rub like you are cleaning something off their face. When they ask what you are doing say, “Just wiping off my seat.”

What do you think?

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