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  • Dirty dad jokes one liners

    Best Dirty Dad Jokes

    we’ve compiled a list of the best dirty dad jokes and one-liners that’ll have you struggling to keep a straight face in front of your kids. So use them with all your intelligence. There are plenty of sex jokes and dirty riddles on this delightfully inappropriate list that are completely improper for children. (In other words, keep […] More

  • Most offensive jokes

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    Most Offensive Jokes – Adult Dirty Jokes

    Do you have the sick audience for the most offensive jokes? Then we have this compilation of most offensive jokes filled with dark humor. Use these adult dirty jokes and floor the audience. Some people simply have awful senses of humour and laugh at things that aren’t amusing in the first place. Congratulations if that’s […] More

  • best dirty jokes for her

    Dirty Jokes for Her

    You think she doesn’t like the dirty jokes? Ask the seduction experts. Here is a daring list of adult dirty jokes for her. Try them and see how you attract girls like no other. These funny dirty jokes for her might just be you secret weapon. Since they are funny and clean adult jokes, you […] More

  • Dirty Adult Jokes 2022 best - small

    Dirty Funny Jokes – Naughty Dirty Minded Jokes

    Dirty Funny jokes – There’s lots of funny stuff online, but sometimes it takes something pretty gross to get us laughing. Here are the best dirty jokes we’ve found online. Enjoy! They’re guaranteed to make you laugh, and may even cause you to fall off your chair laughing. Enjoy the best dirty jokes below. These […] More